MTs in histology

Have tried to post this to Histonet a couple of times, but it has bounced back.
So here goes again:

Much like the British system (at least it was when I left), I'm glad to say that
HTs and MTs are on the same salary scale here.

Administration saw the light when they became aware of what the HTs actually
did, and took this into consideration along with the national shortage.

Most hospital administrators wouldn't even know they had HTs in their facilities
if no-one ever bothered to physically bring them in to the laboratory

And sorry, before the rush, we don't have any vacancies at present, although
will have one in the pipeline in about three months.

Ronnie Houston
Regional Histology Operations Manager
Bon Secours HealthPartners Laboratories
5801 Bremo Road
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 287 7972
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