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From:Anila Syed

We have a barrister working in our lab at the moment. He has retrained by
doing a B(Med) and is now doing a masters in neuropathology. I think he has
been a b******er for 10 years. He has been in the lab for a month and is
making up ways of doing things and justifying them by saying 'we have always
done this'. He is ruining all the equipment. I spent the whole of yesterday
phoning technical support to try and get the water purifier working again.
Now, after one conversation every day this week of me trying to tell him how
things are really done, he has finally blown his top and shouted at me quite
badly. At the top of his voice he has accused me of acting childishly. First
he said that this was how he was shown to do things, and then he said that
he hadn't done it that way at all, and then he said that he was doing so
much work that the water was running out. We have had six people in here
before - doing what he is doing - without this happening. If these are the
people in charge of our justice then heaven help the criminals.

I am sitting in here trying to cool down before I go back in and try to fix
the thing. (Not him!). You would have been proud of me! First I
apologised for repeating myself, and then I smiled and touched his arm and
said that he was right, he is
doing a lot of work (for both of the hours he is here everyday) and it is
making the whole 10 gallon water container run out, but I would try to fix

boo hoo,

only another month to go..


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