EM thick sections-again and again......


There have been several email messages on the Histonet recently about billing for electron microscopy thick sections. This was addressed recently in the June 2002 edition of "CAP Today".
The posed question was" Our laboratory occasionally receives specimens for electron microscopy. What code should we report if, after we prepare and stain thick sections, we determine electron microscopy cannot be performed?"
The answer was" Report the appropiate electron microscopy code (88348 electron microscopy; diagnostic, or 88349, electron microscopy;scanning) with the -52  modifier, reduced services, if you have prepared and stained thick sections and then you determine that electron microscopy cannot be performed. The modifier indicates that part of the service was reduced while preserving the identification of the basic service"

  The College of American Pathologists is a pretty authoritive organization and I would take their advice seriously.

   Histotechnologists here in the States who work in the field of surgical pathology, immunohistochemistry and EM would do well to read "CAP Today" each month. It is a free publication from the College of American Pathologists and gives good information relating to surgical pathology. It also occasionally includes review articles about different subjects, for example, immunohistochemistry surface markers, that while a little out of date, do put it all together in readable form that makes sense. They also give out little practical tips that are of use.

Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL  USA

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