From:Sharon Cassar


We are using B5 fixative for lymph nodes.  After fixation in B5 for 3 hrs,
the sections are put in 70% alcohol and then overnight processing, starting
from 95% ethanol.  However when cutting, the tissue is very soft and thick
sections are being produced when compared to formalin fixed lymph node
sections.  Any suggestions on the schedule to process overnight.  Our
schedule is as follows

B5 fixative        3hrs
70%   ETOH    5 hrs
95%   ETOH    2 hrs
!00%  ETOH    1.30 hr
100% ETOH    1.30 hr
100% ETOH    1 hr
Chloroform       1 hr
Chloroform       1 hr
Chloroform       1 hr
Paraffin Wax    1.30 hr
Paraffin Wax    1hr

Thank you
Sharon Cassar  MLS
St. Lukes Hospital

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