Automatic resin processing.

Does anyone out there have any experience in using an automatic processor
for processing into resin.  We currently manually process rat peripheral
nerves into Araldite resin to be cut at 1 micron for neurotoxicity studies.
Because of the volume of work during the next 9 months we are trying to find
a quicker way to process. Lynx did an automatic processor a few years ago
but it was not very user friendly. I have at present a demo of a new Leica
processor which seems infinately better. I need help to work out an
automatic programme. We osmicate the nerves and dehydrate in acetone. I was
wondering if anyone can assist me with a programme. We only have the machine
for 2 weeks and I am currently too busy to do any method development.Any
help gratefully received.
Rita Russell.(Cheshire, England.)

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