Position Requirements: The responsibilities for this position include: 
performing all stages of tissue histology processing, including sectioning, 
staining, quality control, quality assurance, record keeping and training of 
other staff technologist, residents and Fellows. The preferred qualifications 
for this position include: Bachelor's degree in Biological sciences or the 
equivalent combination of education, training and experience from which 
comparable abilities can be acquired; must have a minimum of 5 years experience 
in histology/immunochemistry; excellent communication and organizational 
skills; experience with computers and medical terminology skills. 

That is the technical stuff.  Great place to work--Monday through Friday 
flexible hours.  Good learning environment for the latest in research 
histology--Tissue microarray, Fluorescence in-situ hybridization, laser capture 
microdisection, immunohistochemistry using novel antibodies.  Yes, there is the 
good old sectioning of patient tissue and animal tissue (and plenty of 
it)--paraffin embedded and frozen. 

Please e-mail or fax your resume to: 

Bob Meyer, HTL(ASCP) 
Pathology Core Facility; 8501 Olson Pavilion 
Northwestern University 
Chicago, IL  60611 

e-mail -- 
fax -- 312-503-2792 

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