sentinel node biopsies

From:Robin Ryan

Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of tracking down information concerning sentinel node
biopsies to present a workshop on techniques and safe handling.  I know
there has been discussion about this subject before and I know that almost
everyone handles them differently (or so it seems).  Would anyone be willing
to share any information concerning this subject with me?  Possibly you know
of some good websites that might provide additional info.  I have done
several searches myself.  I just wrote a procedure on the safe handling
dealing with the CAP requirement and would be willing to share that with
anyone that is interested.  If you know of anyone that has given a workshop
or written an article about this that would be wonderful.  If you prefer to
answer me off the Histonet my e-mail is

Thanks so much for your help,
Kaye Ryan
Memorial Laboratories
Jacksonville, Fla.

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