coverslipping plastic sections

From:Cathy Mayton

Deara Trisha,
I do not know by what you mean by "dry" sections.  Like Rachael from Down Under, I do plastics as well.   We coverslip many GMA sections.  The slides are air dried after coming out of the ETOH then placed in 2 changes of xylene prior to coverslipping.
 Depending on the thickness of the mounting medium bubbbles can form under the coverslip.  If the mounting medium is too thick, very small bubbles may form.  If the mounting medium is too thin, the slides may form bubbles under the coverslip after the mounting medium has "dried".  This is due to shrinkage of the mounting medium.
Another reason bubbles may form when coverslipping plastic sections is that there may plastic medium sticking up a bit.  This can be scraped off with forceps prior to coverslipping the section.
Good luck Trisha,
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