Tissue fixation

From:"Dunn-Jena, Patsy Ann"

I think I already know the answer to this question, but want to see if anyone else had experience in this.  This is a pilot project.  Tissue was taken on 6/24.  During first 24 hours, it was refrigerated or on ice while being transported.  It has been kept wet with phys. saline since then except when being tested with mechanical force.  Now they want it embedd in MMA.  Not interested in cellular morphology, but in tooth/bone structure.  I have placed it in 70% alcohol and will put in the embedding machine (Shandon Hypercenter) when I leave work this afternoon which will give it another 8 hours in ascending grades of alcohol at 8 hours each.  This is a large piece of tissue and am wondering if I should leave it in alcohol longer before I put it in the hypercenter.  Thoughts, Ideas-since it has not been fixed for 3 weeks?

Patsy Dunn-Jena
Research Analyst
Indiana University School of Dentistry
Mineralized Tissue and Histology Research Laboratory

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