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According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Schedule B, 10 CFR Section 30.71, uranyl nitrate is an exempt product that does not require a license to purchase or sell.  It does require a standard radiation symbol.  It does not need to be stored in a lead container.  Uranyl nitrate is considered toxic by ingestion or absorption by inhalation or prolonged skin contact.  This toxicity is due to uranyl nitrate being a heavy metal.  Personal exposure limits can be obtained from MSDS sheets.  "Uranyl nitrate is a very low radioactive substance.  Like any chemical reagent in the laboratory, the technician should be concerned about handling and breathing a dry chemical.  The technician should use good hygiene practice and avoid contact when necessary."

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Linda Smith <>

07/15/02 10:13 AM

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I need some help with a safety issue concerning 1% aqueous uranyl nitrate used in a Steiner stain.  Does any one have any documentation from any regulatory agency on it's safety and use in the lab?
Our safety people want to post radiation signs all over the place and send everyone to radiation safety training.
Thanks in advance.
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