Re: sections loss after EDTA HIER

From:Amos Brooks

    Are you absolutely sure the sections are completely dry before deparaffinizing them? A full hour of retrieval seems a bit excessive. Perhaps a shorter retrieval time? Are you sure the sialinized slides have been prepared properly? Have you tried another kind of slides?
Just a few thoughts to mull over,
Amos Brooks
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From: Jan Bauer
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Subject: sections loss after EDTA HIER

Dear Collegues,

I recently started to try out antigen retrieval with 1mmol EDTA (pH 8.0, using steaming in a vegetable steamer for 1 hour). Unlike with steaming with citrate buffer pH 6.0, my sections were completely lost after the EDTA treatment.  We use double-silane coated slides (Superfrost). Does anybody know why the sections are lost and whether we have to take another kind of coating?
thanks in advance

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