Re: kappa/lambda controls


The NSH IHCRG maintains a tissue control bank for IHC, we may be able to
help you with this request.  To join the group go to and
fill out an application form and send it back to me online.

Cheryl Powell wrote:

> Hi, We're in the process of validating our kappa and lambda antibodies
> and we're looking to borrow/have some controls from anybody willing
> (to trade even).  We're looking for multiple myelomas or plasma
> cytomas that have been typed and are only kappa or only lambda.  We're
> just trying to show a good variety :)
> Please email and reply or call between 6:30- 2:30 EST at (248)
> 471-8247 and ask for Cheryl.  Thanks for any help!Cheryl Ann Powell
> B.S., HTL(ASCP)Botsford General Hospital
> Farmington Hills, MI USA
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