Re: automated immuno stainers

From:Victoria Baker

I'm a die-hard Ventana believer (ES only).  When the
lab I did work in had both DAKO and Ventana tested
side by side the quality of the slides did have a
difference.  I'm not going to say the Ventana system
is cheap and without flaws, but over all I found the
quality to be the best.  Currently I work with animal
tissue and we do our primary incubations off of the
system with even and consistant results on a variety
of antibodies. The DAKO system does have very good
qualitites about it, but so did Shandon's cap gap
system, Biogenex and even the manual cap gap system
put out by Fisher.  What it comes down to is if you
have limited staff to do IHC (meaning not only to set
up a run but also to trouble shoot when something
hasn't worked)the Ventana ES is still one of the best
systems I've ever worked with. 
Vikki Baker 

--- "Williams, Blanche" 
> We are in the process of purchasing auto immuno
> stainers. It is between Dako
> and Ventana. We would appreciate any feed back you
> may have comparing the 2
> systems.

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