Re: acid maltase

From:"Mitchell (Jean)"

Nancy:  I think what you are attempting to do is an Acid 
Phophatase Stain, an azo-dye enzymatic reaction. This procedure 
will show an increase in staining activity within muscle fibers in a 
"measles pattern" in a patient with an acid maltase deficiency.

Substrate used is:  Napthol AS-BI Phosphate. We order from 
Sigma.  And the buffer you are asking about is:  0.2M Acetate 
Buffer.  Easily made with Sodium Acetate and Glacial Acetic Acid.

Contact me if you would like me to fax you a procedure.

Jean Mitchell, BS, HT (ASCP)
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Department of Neurology
Madison, WI

> can anyone help me with this "acid maltase" stain ??? i need an 0.2m
> acetate buffer....can i get this pre-made ? if so where ? if i can't
> what type of sodium acetate do i use...trihydrate or anhydrous ???
> also where can i order the sodium alpha naphthyl phosphate from and
> does it go by adifferent name ?? also is acid phosphatase azo-coupling
> technique the same as an acid maltase stain ?? HELP :-/> thanks nancy

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