Re: acid maltase


     Unless you are intending on using a semi-permeable membrane technique for
     the enzyme histochemical reaction, forget it. The enzyme is extremely
     soluble, and you will lose it all in your incubation media. I believe there
     are commercial suppliers of an antibody to acid maltase, why not try

     Acid maltase bears no similarity to acid phosphatase, and the salt you have
     mentioning is not a specific substrate for acid maltase, but for acid
     phosphatase. There are a couple,of hard-to-find substrates that are
     specific for acid maltase, one of which is 2-napthol-alpha-glucoside (can't
     remember the others offhand)

     Suggest you read "Histochemistry" Vol 3, edited by Peter Stoward, or
     "Enzyme Histochemistry: A Laboratory Manual" by Lojda et al (this is
     out-of-print - but you may be able to borrow it through a library) before
     embarking on this.

     Ronnie Houston
     Regional Histology Operations Manager
     Bon Secours Health Partners Laboratories
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Subject: acid maltase
Author:  "Anacko, Nancy L."  at BSHSIBTW
Date:    7/1/02 12:08 PM

       can anyone help me with this "acid maltase" stain ??? i need an
       0.2m acetate
       buffer....can i get this pre-made ? if so where ?
       if i can't what type of sodium acetate do i use...trihydrate or
       ??? also where can i order the sodium alpha naphthyl phosphate
       from and does
       it go by adifferent name ?? also is acid phosphatase
       azo-coupling technique
       the same as an acid maltase stain ?? HELP :-/> thanks nancy

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