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From:Patricia Karlisch

  The gross room is not classified as a sterile environment, whereas the OR is.  It sounds as if they are passing this work onto you.  On the other hand we do the POC in the grossing area as well. 

Patricia Karlisch
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I know there was some discussion about POC a couple of months ago.

On a slightly different vein, we are having some difficulty when receiving POC
for Histopathology  and Cytogenetics. More often than not, the specimen is not
being divided before it arrives in the lab. The OB/Gyns believe it is easier for
us to divide the specimen in a sterile environment in the gross room, than in an
OR/Emergency room. We have tried to educate the nurses and OB/Gyn people to no

How do others deal with this, and does anyone have a policy they could share?

Ronnie Houston
Regional Histology Operations Manager
Bon Secours Health Partners Laboratories
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