Re: Med Techs in Histo


in all fairness i felt it was necessary for all to see what you were typing.  your suggestion i leave the list server, because i posted an opinion different than yours or other members of the sever. the only reason you emailed me directly was so no one else could see just how domatic you really are. 
you made no effort to stimulate any type of converstaion with me. i am posting your msg so it can refesh your revisionist memory.
glen wrote:


Perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.  Why don't you go to a
Green Bay Packers list server and scold people for being Packers fans?  This
is the Histonet so you need to understand that there will be alot of rah
rah, go histology talk.  If you can't understand this, you are beyond
reasoning.  You may be thee most negative person on this list so YOU need to
get a grip & do the rest of us a favor...unsubscribe

besides i already heckly the philadelphia eagles fans. trust me a much tougher crowd.
i make no apologies for exersizing my freee speach rights no matter how much you would like to stomp all over them. 
john hoffpauir

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