Re: Med Tech's as Histologists????

Okay, okay enough already. I am a practicing med tech who is also certified 
as a histotech and am now the AP manager. I am proud of both proffessions, no 
one spoke about desire to learn, ability to be motivated, or the fact that 
most indiviuals never find out what the other does or knows. All the 
chemistry i perform has an affect on the tissue and I get to see those 
effects.One does not exist without the other. I think we should be 
universally called biological or veterinary technologists. I have worked with 
both med techs and histotechs with no desire to learn and did minimal work 
and I have worked with highly motivated med techs and histotechs who have 
taught me a great deal. I am proud to be a member of the second community and 
welcome all those with a desire to learn and participate. 
                                      Dana Dittus MT/HT (ASCP) BS 
NCA(CLS)(and darn proud of it all)
                                            Anatomic Pathology Manager
                                           Abington Memorial Hospital

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