Re: Joe Humble. RE: Med Tech's as Histologists????

and you make people so welcome. and i never have put down anyone chosen profession as you have done many a time, perhaps if you were happier in your job, you wouldn't feel the need to put any healthcare professional down. even those that dissagree with you and excersize their rights to free speech.


Perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.  Why don't you go to a
Green Bay Packers list server and scold people for being Packers fans?  This
is the Histonet so you need to understand that there will be alot of rah
rah, go histology talk.  If you can't understand this, you are beyond
reasoning.  You may be thee most negative person on this list so YOU need to
get a grip & do the rest of us a favor...unsubscribe.

glen dawson wrote:

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