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Contact ASCP to see if your Argentina experience and degree will fullfil the requirement to sit for the HT certification exam her in the USA.  Our HT certification is valid nationally (in any state), some states also have a liscence program, but I thought I heard that FL did away with their state liscense????  Contact the board of registery at ASCP
or Ken Gillespie personally at the BOR at "Gillespie, Kenneth" <> and ask him how your training in Argentina will transfer here.

"Ricardo I. G.L." wrote:

 Hi,     I'm calling from Argentina. I'm an HT with a local diploma (2 years after the high).    I'm evaluating a move to Florida.    Does anyone know:a)how can I homologate my HT diploma for the Florida Stateb)If there are any kind of visa sponsorship for technicians like meI'm good with special stains, hard tissues, ready-for-paper slides, and some scanning microscope experience. Thanks, Maria 
Hi Maria,
I am a histotechnologist/supervisor from Florida.....and we definitely have not gotten rid of the Histo. licenses in this state.
Here is an address that you can write to and inquire about the Florida licensure:
Department of Health
Division of Medical Quality Assurance
Licensure Services
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #C-10
Tallahassee,Florida 32399-3260
They will send you a copy of the requirements for licensure and if your really
serious about a license in this state they will send you an application as well, if you request it.
I hope this information will help.
Valerie Hannen
Parrish Medical Center
Titusville,Florida 32796

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