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Reminds me of the old addage to the effect that 'The reward for doing a job well is that it becomes your job permanently'.  Who rembers Andy Griffith becoming a "permanent latrine orderly" in "No Time for Sargents"?


Walzer Susan wrote:

Most of the hiso-techs in our area have stood together and refused to do yet another job that the lab would love to dump on us. We are lucky that we have some great people in the area who enjoy doing autopsies and are real professionals. It is my opinion that this should not be part of our job description, I do not know of any histo school that trains one to do this. If a tech does not mind, great, but do not expect to get paid extra for it and the next tech who is expected to do it may not appriciate it.
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How many Histotechs are doing deaner duty? Is it a job requirement or an option?

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