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 I do not recommend the Plus slides for Bielschowsky's silver stain 
however....unless you like to see yourself in the slide!! I use a small 
amount of gelatin in my waterbath and let the slides dry overnight before 
staining. No problems encountered with this method with either routine H&E's and
specials. I do not use gelatin for IHC.....I use the plus slides for those.
Neuropathology Lab
University of Minnesta

> Agustin, many moons ago (more than 30 years) I used chloroform for
> brains and other assorted nervous system tissue. I don't recommend it. I
> remember them coming out of the processor brittle and at the same time
> they would dissolve in the water bath if it was too hot. The chloroform
> smell would not dissipate and I could smell it even after infiltration
> with paraffin. I still think xylene is best. It makes the brain a bit
> brittle, but you can at least get a decent section with it.
> I use Halt (Poly Scientific) in our water baths when needed, but plus
> slides work equally well without anything in the baths. Just be sure
> your brain slides are very dry before you start staining them.
> Hope this helps you.
> Noreen
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