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Agustin, many moons ago (more than 30 years) I used chloroform for brains and other assorted nervous system tissue. I don't recommend it. I remember them coming out of the processor brittle and at the same time they would dissolve in the water bath if it was too hot. The chloroform smell would not dissipate and I could smell it even after infiltration with paraffin. I still think xylene is best. It makes the brain a bit brittle, but you can at least get a decent section with it.
I use Halt (Poly Scientific) in our water baths when needed, but plus slides work equally well without anything in the baths. Just be sure your brain slides are very dry before you start staining them.
Hope this helps you.
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Dear Netters: I'm needing two opinions from you:

1. What are your thoughts and experience on the use of chloroform as a
clearing agent when processing nervous tissues?

2. We are currently picking up brain sections on slides that haven't been
previously coated with any adhesives. Some time ago we used Mayer's albumin,
but we gave up this one due to its disgusting physical characteristics. What
kind of adhesive substances are you presently using for routine H&E

Thank you in advance

Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
DVM- INTA Castelar, Argentina

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