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Again, I don't think it's MT vs.. HT.  I think many times managers and supervisors feel the need to exert their power and control rather than use common sense.  This is often the case in all professions, not just ours.  (Oh, and I doubt seriously that the story was fabricated.  I don't see that it would have served any purpose.)  Just my opinion.

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well spoken Dana, too often is the listserver used to serve the  egos. as long as one is willing to learn, work for the patient,  and serve the hospital then good for them. the others who simple put down med techs just because they are med tech serve no useful purpose. the tech that related a story, which i doubt is true, about the med tech manager that couldn''t coverslip and didn't help her do it right did a disservice to the hospital and to the patient. i hope all that said HERE HERE are reading this.

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