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RE: faded DAB

I doubt whether it would be the brand of DAB. Dyes in slides will eventually fade over time. What we can do is keep the slides away from bright light (ie sunlight) and look at the mountant we are using. Some mountants retard fading better than others. In my experience this is often the major cause of early fading of stained slides in my opinion.

To bring back the brown colour, you could try osmicating decoverslipped sections (Beware osmium tetroxide is dangerous stuff). This has worked for me about 3 of 10 times I have tried it.

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I have been asked to review some two year-old immuno slides.  Most of the slides are very faded to completely faded.  I have no idea what brand DAB they were using. 

Has anyone tried to re-stain previously DAB stained immuno slides?  I have to use DAB, I cannot switch chromogens.

Is there some way to remove the faded DAB?


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