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Maybe I should clarify why I want the info.  My department is currently creating a flow chart so we can look at how we can better staff to meet our turn around times.  Also we are going to demo a microwave processor.  Knowing that this will change our jobs tremendously, we would like to know where it will fit into our lab's work flow.

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As you can see this was probably a "loaded" question. I feel that each path
lab is different. I think each Manager needs to set comfortable limits for
the Histology lab for production per hour. Your best way is to perform the
duty yourself for a set period of time and see how many blocks you can embed
per hour and then separately see how many blocks you can cut per hour. Set
reasonable limits, if you had to do this job each and every day, what would
be a comfort zone for you. Yes you will probably have more experience then
the tech you assign, however you can give them goals to reach every 3-6
months. What I have found in my 20 years of experience is that a well
established tech should be able to section an average of 25 blocks per hour,
this includes cases that require several slides or just one slide. For
embedment, I feel that 60 blocks per hour is an even pace. I work on the
goal system and pay for performance with the "junior techs".  I have
experience techs actually sectioning for 6.5 hours per day, and average
150-200 quality blocks sectioned.  I have separate embedment techs who
average 50-70 blocks embeded per hour. Our daily block load is 500-800 per

Hope this helps...

Michael LaFriniere PA, HT(ASCP)
Manager Pathology
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga TN 

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Could someone tell me where to find info on how many blocks the average tech
can embed and cut per hour?

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