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We are a small hospital in central Ohio.  We have 4 histo techs (including
myself doing some benchwork).  I cut and do immunos and some special stains.
The remaining 3 rotate between gross, cytology prep, and routine special
stains.  I believe we are very well staffed for our workload.  Our workload
per year:

Surgical cases - 6,600
Blocks - 17,000
Slides - 30,000
Routine stains - 900
IHC cases - 600
Thinprep paps - 8,000
NGYN - 500

Tom Mc Nemar HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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   I know this subject has come up again and again, and yes I went into the
archives, but didn't find too many e-mails on subject.

I would like to hear from relatively small labs please, how many cases you
do a year and how many histotechs you have. (if you want to break down into
blocks and slides that would be great, otherwise I can go by just cases). Do
the histotechs do computer entry and billing or do you have clerical staff
that helps?  Do you know how many stains per year (immunos and regular

We have approximately 2,600 cases per year with the likelihood of getting
3,000 more per year from a nearby clinic.  So, my supervisor  needs to have
some benchmarks to go to administration  with to hire additional help.  We
do immunos and do all of the computer entry and reports by ourselves (no
clerical staff).  We have an outside company that does the transcription.

I would be very appreciatative if you would answer my questions and hlep me
get more help!!!! If you would like to call instead of e-mail that would be
fine too.

Also, if anyone in Northern WI is looking for a job------stay tuned!!!!!

Dawn Schneider, HT(ASCP)
Howard Young Medical Center
Woodruff, WI
(715) 356-8174

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