RE: Medical Technologists working in Histology

From:"Nails, Felton L."

I received my training in histology at AFIP through the military and we had
to go through a med tech program. The two areas are totally different and
when it comes down to problem solving, your med tech will be looking for a
true histotech to help.
Only my opinion all these on the job people lends credibility to the myth
that anyone can be trained to do histology and there is no need for formal
training. That idea is why we do not get the salaries we desire, Think about
it a Pathologist is only as good as his techs allow him to be.

2LT Felton L. Nails, BS, M.Ed.
Anatomical Pathology Manager

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> I have one MT working for me.   He is a good  tech.    Easy to train and
> ready to learn.
> Hazel
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> > Are many lab using Med Tech's in Histology?
> > Any thoughts on the idea?
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