RE: How many Histotechs?

From:"Jasper, Thomas"

I do, didn't he scrub the sinks so hard that he wore the "H" and the "C" off
the faucets? A precursor to Gomer Pyle?

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> Reminds me of the old addage to the effect that 'The reward for doing a
> job well is that it becomes your job permanently'.  Who rembers Andy
> Griffith becoming a "permanent latrine orderly" in "No Time for Sargents"?
> Geoff 
> Walzer Susan wrote: 
> 	Most of the hiso-techs in our area have stood together and refused
> to do yet another job that the lab would love to dump on us. We are lucky
> that we have some great people in the area who enjoy doing autopsies and
> are real professionals. It is my opinion that this should not be part of
> our job description, I do not know of any histo school that trains one to
> do this. If a tech does not mind, great, but do not expect to get paid
> extra for it and the next tech who is expected to do it may not appriciate
> it. 
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> 		How many Histotechs are doing deaner duty? Is it a job
> requirement or an option?
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