RE: Concerned about working with carcinogens

From:"Horn, Hazel V"

I am concerned about the hazardous/carcinogenic materials we use every day.
30 years ago when I started in this field, there were no fume hoods and
gloves were not mandatory.    I would say it has been in the last 20 years
when all of this started to change.  No one would dream of working in the
conditions I did when I was trained.     I do think NSH has done some
limited studies on this but I have not heard any results.    There have been
many histologists to develop cancer.    Would it have happened anyway??  Who
knows, but it is food for thought.    Dezna Sheehan and Lee Luna are the 2
most prominent that come to mind.  Did Charles Culling also die from cancer?
I also know several techs I have worked with or been trained by to die from
cancer.   Coincidence??   Maybe, maybe not.     I personally have breast
cancer, estrogen negative.   I firmly believe my chosen profession
contributed to this condition.    Can I prove it??   No.   Have I stopped
working in the field??   No.   I take all the precautions I can to protect
myself.  Being a supervisor limits the exposure I get.   I love this field.
I have received much personal satisfaction from my job through the years.
For now I am well, or as they say, NED.    No evidence of disease.    Life
is unpredictable.   Do the most you can to protect yourself and your
coworkers and hope for the best.    

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> Is anyone out there concerned about the hazardous materials we are exposed
> to daily in Histology? 
> Such as Xylene, Formalin, and some of the other carcinogens used through
> out
> Histology.  
> We keep the exposure levels under the limits but I still can't help but
> wonder if we're in harms way.  

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