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It was not my intention to bash Medical Technologists, although there may
have been a bit of bashing of this particular know-it-all!  You would
probably have to have known her to know that, although I thought I conveyed
it when I quoted her. My intention was, instead of bashing, to throw out
some levity to try to quell another uprising I felt was on the horizon.  My
apology to any Med Techs who took my humor in the same way as Gayle.


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As with anyone coming in for the first time, did anyone show her how to do
it properly, warn her about where section was located to avoid this
problem.  If not, then the fault was not entirely hers as you allowed her
to mess up.  Reminder would have helped to not wipe off sections, and she
would not have messed up as coverslipping is not difficult but does require
care to retain the section.  Then med techs would not have been bashed in
your message! 

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