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We predominantly use Xylene for many reasons. The smell is difficult to
eliminate, even after extra wax infiltration steps. Xylene actually does a
very reasonable job as a clearing agent.

Rotinely for our H/E we don't use any coating on our slides, nor do we use
coated slides for Weils. The only coated slides we use are for our special
stains (EVG, GMS, etc), Silvers and Immunohistochemical stains. For most of
our special stains and Immunos we use the polysine slides. For Silvers we
use albumin coated slides.


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Dear Netters: I'm needing two opinions from you:

1. What are your thoughts and experience on the use of chloroform as a
clearing agent when processing nervous tissues?

2. We are currently picking up brain sections on slides that haven't been
previously coated with any adhesives. Some time ago we used Mayer's albumin,
but we gave up this one due to its disgusting physical characteristics. What
kind of adhesive substances are you presently using for routine H&E

Thank you in advance

Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
DVM- INTA Castelar, Argentina

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