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Sorry guys I can't help getting in this since I responded to J privately
because I thought he was laughing at us....

To J Hoff:
My goodness I didn't really think you were serious. Your work environment
must be a little different from ours, in that you can be so busy you're not
walking by someone coverslipping. You don't even know they've done it wrong
until it's done.

She wasn't bashing - just laughing. As a manager, I know that some people
take this position to levels of power that makes their coworkers laugh to
see them do something wrong. Managing does not mean you are "over" people,
but that you work with them to see that the dept runs as smoothly without
you as it does with you. I don't mind saying that I don't know as much as
other coworkers so I don't mind asking for help. Some people are not that
way, and it's funny to see them mess up when they are acting like know-it
alls. Fortunately, I'm a histotech, so I know pretty much what I'm doing in
the histo lab and in the morgue. When it came to office I had to learn
everything, and for cytology I totally depend on the cytotech specialist. 

And I can still mess up....................:>)

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
404-851-7831 - fax

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either the story was fabricated or the hisotechs in that lab need a lession
in professionalism. the patients would have been poorly served by the histo
techs by not at least offering to help. don't you think? could you walk by
someone coveslipping the wrong side of a slide and not correcthem
requardless of who they are?  besides it is almost impossible to cover slip
the wrong side without noticing it. 
the purpose for such a story is of course boss bashing. we have all done it
at work, i have never and never would do it in such a public manner.

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