Is anyone having a pH problem after neutralizing formalin with neutralex?

In the past 2 months the pH of the treated NBF has gone from 7-8 to 10+.
Our pre-treated NBF pH=6.5.  Immediately after treatment is rises to 7.5, and 
within 10 minutes it is 10+.  

I have tried contacting Scigen(manufacturer) and have not received a reply 
from the voice mail I have left (as usual there is not a "real person" to 
talk to).

I have tried contacting Allegiance (our supplier) and they have no answers 
for me.

When we had this problem before Allegiance said to dilute the formalin in 
half with water before neutralizing.  This has worked until recently.

Cindy DuBois, HT
Delta Pathology
Stockton CA

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