Med techs in histotechnology

From:Gayle Callis

As a med tech, I was far more interested in histotechnology, and never
worked as an MT.  The science education background required of MT's was a
bonus for  histotechnology learned over the years particularly
chemistry/biochemistry areas, and made it easier to learn immunology and
molecular biology specialities as these were phased into histo in more
recent times.       

It used to be required MT's learn histotechnics and was actually part of
the exam for MT's, although I think most MT's work stay in their clinical
areas and not histo. I think this is mainly because of the huge pay
differential with histotechs often paid far less.  Been there, unpleasantly
experienced this first hand. 

After spending 8 1/2 years in clinical histo, went to research and never
looked back.  The MT background with degree, registry and later followed by
HT and HTL was always a plus in finding a job, but finding a histotech
clinical job with equality in pay with MT's was woefully lacking, went to
research and never looked back.

So yes, MT's can do histo but I don't think many chose to do it. 



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