Med Teh's versus Histopathologists - final statement

From:Mike Kirby

Ok boys and girls! Time out, enough, cease, desist, whoa!

It was not my intention to start a range war. My comments on the "slice &
dice brigade" were aimed at those Histopaths who seem to think that they are
God's gift to the Medical Profession, and everything else is not worth
mentioning. Believe me, my hackles were raised when one of your kind asked,
"Med Tech's, can they be trained to do Histopathology?", implying that we
are a bunch of monkeys, hence, my somewhat facetious reply.

I am fully aware of the invaluable contribution you guys make to medicine,
and the fact that it does take years to become proficient in your
discipline, just as it took years for me to learn the morphology that can be
found on a blood slide. But I wasn't about to allow a snide comment like
that go unanswered. 

To those who I offended, I apologize. It was not my intent to rubbish or
belittle your profession. So please, put away your trimming knives, as I
would prefer that my nose, ears and other wobbly bits remain in their
allotted positions.

Finally, thanks to the voice of reason from Jeanine Bartlett, in that, all
disciplines are equal in our never ending quest to get the patient back on
his/her feet.

Mike Kirby.("Ever so umble" Haematologist)
South Africa.

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