Med Tech's as Histologists????

From:Mike Kirby

The question asked was, "Are Med Techs good enough to be trained as

 Of course we are!  We have all the Lab background that's required, and one
can learn to "slice & dice" in about three weeks flat.
 I did,  because as a student, I was given three months to learn the
techniques before we wrote our finals, and, except for tissue processing, we
did everything by hand!

 Ok, that was back in the sixties, (Yes, I am an ooooold Med Tech) and
possibly one would need more time to master all the new    
 special stains and immunohistology that you do now days, but the average
Med Tech should be more than up to scratch.

 If we can hack our way through Microbiology, Biochemistry and Haematology,
Histopathology is a piece of cake.
 (It's all in the wrist, my dear!).

Yours (from a lofty perch - and no doubt, soon to have his nose bloodied).

Mike Kirby.
South Africa.

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