From:Gayle Callis

For clinical labs, Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology
(AIMM) is without compare, great photos, methods and materials, very
educational, very professional.  Go to to view
free AIMM journal.  Once subscribed to, can access as an e-journal.  Many
questions (retrieval, storage of paraffin sections, etc, etc) commonly
asked in Histonet will have answers waiting in this journal! This journal
replaced Cell Vision a few years back. Only comment is we have not found it
very useful for our research since most applications are on human tissues
but it is still a wonderful information source.  Editors are Clive Taylor
and Jiang Gu. 

J of Histotechnology, membership in NSH is automatic for getting journal. 

More research oriented are, you can see what they offer on their websites.  

J Histochemistry and Cytochemistry (, offers search to other
journals, etc.  
J Experimental Medicine
J of Immunology

Previous reply gave other excellent journals 

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