Grimelius silver stain


Controls tissue are small intestine or pancreas.
Alternative staining methods (Bodian, Masson Fontana, Lead
haematoxylin)are not as good but chromogrannin (immuno) is very good.

Best Wishes
Steve Machin UK

--- Pat Paulusse  wrote: > Hi all,
> Can anyone suggest normal tissue that can be used as a control for
> the Grimelius silver stain (using it to demonstrate a carcinoid
> tumour)?  Also, I would be interested in alternative staining
> methods (besides grimelius) for the demonstration of carcinoid
> tumours.  I have a very limited antibody selection on hand, so I
> would probably have to stick to chemical techniques - although
> antibody suggestions would be welcome - who knows, I may have it.
> Thanking you in advance,
> Patrick Paulusse
> Pembroke General Hospital
> Ontario, Canada
> e-mail -

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