FW: HSV -8

From:Patti Loykasek

From: Patti Loykasek 
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 17:31:24 -0700
To: carmen loiselle 
Subject: Re: HSV -8

Hi Carmen. Here is the info on the HHV8 clone that we use. We have had good
luck with it, and no major problems getting it to work. Be sure that you
your pattern of positivity is a speckled nucleus.

clone: LN-1 (rat IgG)
Mfgr/Vendor: Advanced Biotechnologies
Control:  Kaposi's sarcoma
Pretreatment:  10mM Citrate solution inside a microwave pressure cooker and
cooked at pressure for 8 minutes followed by a 10 minute cooldown.   Wash in
Dilution:  Apply at 1:1000 and incubate for 40 minutes @RT.
Secondary: Biotinylated anti-rat at 1:500 for 20 minutes @RT (Vector Labs)
Detection: Elite ABC for 20 minutes @RT (Vector Labs)
Chromogen:  DAB
Positivity: nuclei are speckled

Patti Loykasek
Phenopath Laboratories
Seattle, WA

> From: carmen loiselle 
> Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:53:03 -0400
> To: histonet@pathology.swmed.edu
> Subject: HSV -8
> Did anybody ever work with this antibody (HSV-8) ?  If so, can you give me
> the name of the supplier, clone etc.  I received a call this morning from a
> resident asking for it, saying that it's quite helpul for Kaposi's sarcoma
> diagnosis . It will be use on paraffin section for IHC.
> Thanks in advance
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