viruses on histonet

From:LINDA MARGRAF MD (by way of histonet)

Dear Histonetters:
As many of you have noticed the sircam virus has been spread through the
list in spite of us blocking attachments.  It also finds its way past many
virus detection programs.  As Herb explained it to me, the way this virus
does this is it has been encoded (base 64 encoding) in a way that the
attachment is sent as part of the main message in plain text format so our
server and many virus programs don't recognize it. When  some email systems
(such as Groupwise and Microsoft Explorer) receive the message, the encoded
part is changed back as an attachment. Other email systems may just leave
it as gibberish after the original message.

The bottom line is DON'T OPEN ATTACHMENTS FROM HISTONET as they are
probably not anything useful and may contain this nasty virus.  I would
caution folks against opening any attachments they are not expecting at
this time as this virus is spreading like wildfire.

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