Why do I enjoy?

From:"t.hacker@har.mrc.ac.uk" <T.Hacker@har.mrc.ac.uk>

<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param> The reasons for enjoying/doing Histology have been eloquently 
explained by many of you. I fell in love with Pathology, and the 
"hands on" aspect of Histology and pretty dyes and stains had the 
edge over the other disciplines (in those days there was a choice).

I stopped being a Biomedical Scientist 12 years ago, went into 
research and never regretted it, better pay and conditions, a 
chance to understand what Histology/Pathology is really about, 
and a life outside of work. I do miss the patient contact though, 
visits to wards and clinics, but would not go back. After 26 years of 
Histology and Pathology I am now ready for early retirement and a 
change of direction.

Respect to all you Histologists, especially the overworked, 
underestimated, unrecognised and underpayed UK biomedical 


Terry Hacker,
Medical Research Council,

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