From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

OK - for those who wanted to participate in a new, current wage survey - - -

"Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals" magazine has
one you can participate in.

Deadline is August 17. If you enter, you get into a drawing for $50.

3 ways to submit survey.

1. Fill out survey in July 9 or Aug 6 issue, and mail in.

2. Fill out survey in July 9 or Aug 6 issue, and fax in.

3. Go to http://www.advanceformlp.com/asp/surveyc.asp?surveyid=332
and fill it out via the computer.

Form (and computer) ask for:
- gender
- position
- certified or not
- highest education/degree
- which lab
- union or non-union
- shift
- hours worked
- size of lab
- years of experience
- region of country
- rural, suburban, etc
- type of lab setting (Hospital, University/Research, Vet, Commercial,
VA, etc.)
- size of hospital
- current gross salary
- average annual increase
- plus lots of about benefits, reimbursements, staffing shortage, and
other questions.

30 questions in all, with most just being a click on a dot.

So, don't complain about not being included in the ASCP survey -
PARTICIPATE in this one!!!!!

If you want to subscribe to the twice a month free magazine
(of which 1/2 the pages are want ads), call 1-800-355-1088
or go to

No, I'm not associated with Advance, no I don't get any money
for this.

Just trying to give those people a voice who felt they were not
represented in the ASCP survey.


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