Section adherence

From:Jeff Silverman

In our 60-120 block a day lab, we use the formalin-substitute Histochoice
for fixation, 95 aand absolute pure ethanol for dehydration, xylene for
clearing and four changes of plain old Paraplast for infiltration on our old
VIP. We also embed in Paraplast. We stain on a Leica Autostainer using
limonene and ethanol as solvents,  with the oven set for 65 C for 15
minutes. We use plain deionized water in our water baths and we never use a
section adhesive or gelatin and we use plain SP frosted slides for 95% of
our work. We do use Plus slides for all specials, immuno's, cytologies (4-10
slides/day) bones and brains though some of the later two find their way
onto untreated slides occasionally and also never seem to wash off. I've
read alot about sections washing off lately. In our lab, sections never wash
off, not keratin, blood, nothing. Sometimes, we have a rack go right into
the first limonene bypassing the oven, usually when I forget to set the
program back after running down specials!. Even then, only one to three
slides are lost after staining. My question is:
Why am I so lucky? Is there some ionic change in the tissues due to
Histochoice fixation (glyoxal and other stuff, all in minute
P.S.  How do you know you're having a bad day?
When the JCAHCO surveyor punctures  her palm on the corner of your flammable
safety cabinet door while inspecting the contents. First time I ever
generated an incident report on an inspection. It went swimmingly after that
though- perfection.
Jeff Silv

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