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Dear Lousie,

We recently devolloped a small drying unit from a chemical resistant
material. It's is only 10x19 cm (approx 3,5 x 7,5 inch). 2 rows of slide-dry
positions. Max capacity to dry verticaly is approx 36 slides.

This product is availabe through Mercedes Medical in Sarasota Florida

Please contact Dave Johnson for more specific details as catalog number and
unit price.

Klinipath gladly helps.

With kind regards

Ronald Kusters
sales executive

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| Dear Histonetters,
| While we are on the subject of slide drying, where does one get
| draining racks? We have wooden ones with grooves cut in them.
| These take from 50 - 200 slides depending on the size. I would like
| to get more but don't know where the originals came from.  I do
| know that the ones we have have been around for years and years

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