Re: computer virus

From:Barry Rittman

My computer at work has current McAffee (updated once a week) and did not detect
the virus.
My home computer with Norton antivirus that  I update twice a week did detect
this virus.

Amos Brooks wrote:

> Hi,
>     In defense of those who got hit with this virus, I need to point out a
> few things. First I am using top notch antivirus protection on my PC. I am
> almost obsessive about my updates. Even with this, my software did not pick
> up the virus when it was downloaded from the server as it has with all the
> other ones I've encountered. The virus is just too new and confusing, the
> software companies don't have a useful scan available for the Sircam virus /
> worm.
>     The only thing that kept my PC from getting infected (aside from the
> fact that I don't open attachments I don't trust) is my being on top of
> current virus events. I just happened to recognize the text of the message.
> If someone doesn't recognize this they will have no way to know for sure
> that it is a virus since the file name changes each time it sends itself.
>     In this case all the software in the world that I know of won't help the
> situation since they aren't catching the bug in time. Although I highly
> encourage everyone to use antivirus software. The only saving grace here is
> caution.
>     For the most current info on this bug see:
> be careful,
> Amos Brooks
> Paul Howard Lockwood wrote ...
> > when are people going to take computer security more seriousl

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