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From:Paul Howard Lockwood (by way of histonet)

To All on Histonet,
     I just thought I would put in my two cents worth.
     It's off the topic, and on the topic, since we all use the same list
server: Computer security. I have my home computers networked. I also keep
them secure by using various software. I use two different firewalls, and
two different anti-virus programs. I run them in alternating random
patterns, which keeps the malicious at bay. Even one firewall and anti-virus
program is better than none. This may sound rude, and for those who already
take precautions, a bit presumptious, but when are people going to take
computer security more seriously? It's as simple as installing the software.
A good book to read is titled "Steal This Computer Book." It has a lot of
good explanations on how computer security is violated, without bludgeoning
the reader with technical information. It also comes with a cd that has a
lot of various programs for computer security. The programs are sampleware,
shareware, freeware, and one postcardware. (The author of the program would
like you to send a postcard to notify usage. Other than that, it's free, and
one of the best anti-virus programs around).
      I don't think Anette meant to send the virus. It was probably on her
computer already, and attached itself to her email.
      If I have offended anyone by this letter, I appologize in advance.
      Paul Lockwood
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From: Becky Dilallo 
To: histonet 
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 7:52 AM
Subject: computer virus

> I just wanted to warn everyone that a computer virus
> is
> going around.  The e-mail will say hi how are you.  I
> just got one off of this server from Anette Milton.  I
> don't think it is her intention to blow up everyones
> computer but the virus was there none the less.  We
> have already had a number of casualties in our
> department.  Just a little fair warning.
> Becky DiLallo
> Pittsburgh, PA
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