Re: Why do I enjoy being an Histopathology Biomedical Scentist?

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I have nothing erudite to add to what has already been written on this
subject (nor even anything remotely prosaic), but for me the
immunohistochemical aspect of our field is like working out a mystery every
single day.  I am the sleuth who peels away the layers of an unknown,
getting closer and closer to the truth (OK, it's the exact tumor type or
infectious agent) with each additional antibody I algorithmically select as
my detection tool.

I also get to play 'teacher' when graduate students need my
immunohistochemical technique for their theses projects... a great source of
satisfaction and contribution for me.

And who can deny that we do produce pretty colors?  It's an artistic,
tangible, rewarding, and ever-increasing field in which to work.

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Subject: Why do I enjoy being an Histopathology Biomedical Scentist?

> I hope a few of you who read this are sufficiently enthusiastic about
> your job to reply.
> I have been asked to write a paragraph in promotional material
> selling a degree in Biomedical Sciences to prospective
> undergraduates.
> In the UK, a degree in this subject is the preferred entry point to
> our profession.
> The trouble is, graduates can find better paid jobs in other
> professions and so we find it difficult to attract new entrants.
> Could I ask you to submit brief quotes, that I could use, describing
> the source of our job satisfaction?
> For my part, I enjoy seeing the slides I have made knowing that I
> have done an exacting job well; I enjoy the craft skill aspect of the
> work. I also get satisfaction from knowing that the work I do counts
> for something; it really matters.
> Best Wishes
> Steve Machin UK Children's Hospital Lab.
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