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    Bear in mind the UPS2200 requires a 220V power supply we got one and it
is sitting under the bench useless since we only have 110V supplies.
Amos Brooks

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Subject: Vip processors & Back-UPS

> We have two Vip processors which are great units, and we would like to
> them that way.We experience allot of  'short time' power failures in our
> Lab/Hosp due to different reasons.(Note: I live only a few blocks away and
> have the same electric problems.) Both of the Vip's are plugged into the
> Hospital emergency system, so we are only talking a few seconds of no
> but still it's a problem that can't be good for the Vip's...
> Most of the time the units just continue on once the alarm is turned off.
> BUT sometimes the power outage, brief as it is, has completely deleted the
> programming...  Not wanting any damage to the Vip's we are looking into
> buying two UPS-back ups, one for each machine....
> I have talked to the people at APC and since the Vip's pull 8 amps each
> recommend their Smart-UPS 1000 (model# SU1000NET). Or if we would rather
> have one unit to handle both then they recommend their Smart-UPS 2200
> (model# SU2200NET)
> Does anyone have any experience with any UPS and their Vip....Can anyone
> recommend something better the APC.....I have already checked with our
> Hospital computer dept. and they said APC is a good company.
> So, if anyone has a UPS on their Vip, what brand and model do you have and
> how do you like it?
> If anyone has a UPS's then you know they activate so quickly the units are
> not aware of a power problem.....I have a APC Back-UPS 600 on my home
> computer system and it's the greatest thing since chocolate.
> Thanks for your help.
> Susan

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