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From:Amos Brooks

    I hate that agar stuff. It doesn't cut well compared to the paraffin it
is embedded in. A tissue that normally needs no soaking at all often needs
to be soaked because the agar separates from the paraffin section.
    I'd rather have someone who has a clue what they are doing embed the
tissue and orient it properly than deal with the agar. If a specimen is not
properly oriented, have a chat with the embedder. It really isn't that
difficult, actually orienting the tissue in agar may be more difficult than
in the embedding paraffin. (Especially if someone can't get a reasonable
section and they cut through the specimen in trying.)
Amos Brooks

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Subject: Tissue processing - small biopsies

> What is the most secure, reliable, quick and cost effective way of
> processing small biopsies in Tissue Tek II type cassettes?
> Metal, plastic and foam inserts, filter paper, tea bag paper, agar
> orientation technique - all have pros and cons.
> What is really neeeded, is an agar type substitute.  You place the tisssue
> on to / into this stuff in the required orientation.  The tissue sticks to
> it.  The stuff is resistant to solvents on a processor.  You embed it on
> flat surface.  No wrapping needed, orientation correct - sorted.
> Does anyone know the name of this compound ?
> Thankyou
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